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Dosage Reference for Detergent Sheets

Dosage Reference for Detergent Sheets - CLEARALIF

How Many Laundry Detergent Sheets Should I Use Per Load?

You might've been skeptical about the cleaning power of those laundry detergent sheets, which makes you drop a few of them overdose to your wash cycle then cause waste. Or you might have no idea to properly use detergent according to the loads of your laundry.

Unlike the traditional liquid detergent that requires decanting a fair enough dose for your clothing, laundry detergent sheets are much more convenient to use. But how many detergent sheets should you use per load?

The debate over the dosage of laundry detergent sheets should actually consider a few factors as follows:

  1. the size of laundry
  2. the size of drum (it depends on the left space after adding loads of laundry in it)
  3. the intensity of fragrance you want (usually you add 1 more)

Most washers do not tell the size of their drums and most manufacturers of detergent sheets recommend to use 1 sheet for small to medium-size loads, 2 sheet for average and large loads. If you have larger capacity of washers or larger loads of dirty laundry, you may wish to add 3 and more detergent sheets.

To say how many detergent sheets to use requires you to know how to calculate the load size of your laundry at first.

How to Calculate Load Size?

By Different Items of Clothes

Different size of your laundry requires different quantities of detergent. It's important to know how to wash your clothes with maximum effectiveness, while saving water, money, and energy. Check out the following load-size recommendations before you start the wash cycle.

  1. Regular/medium load: When the items of your clothes occupy one third or a half of the drum, you are handling a regular or medium load.
  2. Large load: When the drum is around three quarters full, you have a large size of laundry.
  3. X-large load: If you have an extra large amount of laundry, your drum will get an extra-large size full. But be careful not to overload your washers since your clothes need to tumble freely in the wash cycle to get clean. Shake a bit before you add all of them into the washing machine to avoid packing them too tightly in it.

By Different Weight of Clothes

  1. Regular/medium weight of laundry: This load weight is approximately 4~6 pounds.
  2. Large weight of laundry: This work out to a load of 7~11 pounds in HE washing machines.
  3. X-large weight of laundry: You will get a full load of laundry of about 20 pounds in HE washing machine.

By Visual Guide

However, it's not easy to know how much your laundry weighs. So to make things a lot more easier, you should try a quick visual guide to identify what various load sizes look like.

  1. Regular/medium size load: A medium or ordinary size of laundry is one that can be picked up with one armful or less.
  2. Large size load: You have a large load when you pick up your laundry and it fills your arm.
  3. X-large size load: You'll know you're dealing with an extra large load of laundry when you need to make two trips to the washer because simply it's just not enough to scoop up a full armload at a time. But you should make sure there's still a space in the drum to let full loads of clothes tumble freely in the drum.

How to properly use laundry detergent sheets?

Now that you have three common ways of calculating the load size of your laundry, it becomes easier for you to add detergent sheets to your usual wash cycle properly.

Load Size Regular/medium Large Extra-large
Quantity of Laundry Detergent Sheets 1 sheet 2~3 sheets 3~4 sheets

As previously mentioned, most people may be skeptical of using laundry detergent sheets. Reasons vary a lot from paper-thin size to low-sudsing performance.

Adopted concentrated technology, laundry detergent sheets are a great invention and perfect alternative to traditonal detergents that have revolutionized your laundry. Those sheets get released as soon as they hit the water and also lead you into a sustainable cleaning style.

So if you're expecting a good experience with laundry detergent sheets, just feel relaxed and give it a try, and remember not to overload your washers.



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