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The Earth Is What We All Have in Common

One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.

The Development of Laundry Products and Why Choose Laundry Sheets

In 1808

French chemist Chevreul first made soap by alkalifying animal fats. It was innovation in technology but did harm to animals.

In 1913

First washing powders were introduced to the market. Though more convenient, their ingredients still polluted the environment.

In the 1960s

Laundry detergent pods arrived and revolutionized the form of laundry products. However, those pods contained over 25 chemicals.

In 2017

Laundry sheets came into public view.Because of its eco-friendly concept, it has quickly become the favorite of more and more consumers.

Laundry detergent products have been through multiple iterations, but lots of problems remain to be solved.

Why We Create This Brand?

Doing laundry is still a trouble for men and women. Moreover, the pollution caused by chemicals and plastic packaging seriously threatens our environment. We are determined to be the problem solver and that's why we set up such an amazing team!

We respect and welcome all the valuable ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. No matter they are from our teammates or customers.
Protecting the environment has always been our major focus when we develop a product. We believe that green products will soon cease to be an option, but a necessity.
Our expertise, standardized production, and thoughtful service enable us to respond your demand rapidly.
The important thing for a team is not to stop questioning, because curiosity leads us to innovations and possibilities, among which may create value for the world.

Clearalif Cleans Your Clothes and Protects Nature.

What is Clearalif laundry Detergent sheet?

It's a brand-new laundry detergent product. Unlike liquid or pod, Clearalif cleans your clothes with paper-like pieces. Though light and thin, it's second to none of similar products of any type or brand. Clearalif laundry sheets are designed to tackle various problem you encountered in doing the laundry.

Fed up with doing laundry?

We are here to help! Clearalif is a super choice for you to reduce burden. Sticky liquid, murky water, and clumps on the bottle will not trouble you anymore. It's convenient to use and only takes up a little space in your house. Moreover, it's so portable that you can take it to anywhere when you are on business or travel.

Worry about pollution?

We are up to it! Clearalif doesn't contains any chemicals or fluorescent agents, so it leaves no residue on your clothes or the water. All our packaging is biodegradable and therefore ease the pressure on the ecosystem. Everything we do is to create a beautiful world for future generations.