Starting with daily cleaning, let's protect our planet and care about our children's future.

Did you know that plastic increases by 23-37 million tons every year? This means that there are approximately 50 kilograms of plastic per meter of coastline globally. Large companies use plastic bottles as carriers in daily cleaning products to maximize profits.

We are determined to change this situation. We believe that effective products can be created without the use of plastic. This is the founding principle of CLEARALIF. At CLEARALIF, our products are packaged without plastic to eliminate single-use plastic in daily life. Our products do not contain liquids to reduce carbon emissions during transportation.

A single spark can start a prairie fire

Large corporations have produced an excessive amount of daily plastic products to maximize profits, causing irreversible damage to the environment.

Starting with daily activities, CLEARALIF believes in products that promote the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Choosing sustainable products and even planting a tree can help our planet regenerate.

For every ten uses of CLEARALIF products, we will plant a tree.

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Free of toxic chemicals


Carbon Neutral Transport

Laundry Detergent Milestones

Laundry Sheets

In 2017, biodegradable and green products and water conservation are important issues for modern cleaning concepts.CLEARALIF laundry tablets are starting to be loved by users due to their liquid-free, plastic-free and non-toxic chemical composition.

Laundry Detergent Milestones

Laundry Pods

In 2012, large corporations began to introduce laundry detergent pods. Children were at risk of accidentally ingesting the pods because of their attractive appearance and packaging design, which resembled candy with decorative patterns. The use of liquid plastic packaging in the pods also led to problems with leaks and plastic residues.

Laundry Detergent Milestones

Liquid Laundry Detergent

In the 1930s, commercially viable routes to fatty alcohols were developed, and these new materials were converted into sulfates, which were used to make laundry detergent. The detergent was formulated with ingredients such as surfactants, bleaches, enzymes, anti-deposition agents, foam regulators, corrosion inhibitors, fluorescent whitening agents, and more. These ingredients began to have an impact on the environment during use, and some people started to experience allergic reactions.

Laundry Detergent Milestones

Washing Powders

The first batch of laundry detergent was introduced to the market. Laundry detergent, together with bleach for whitening and fabric softener for softening water and clothes, became popular products. Although more convenient, their ingredients still polluted the environment.

Laundry Detergent Milestones


In 1808, French chemist Chevreul first made soap by alkalizing animal fat and ashes. This was a technological innovation, but the high demand caused harm to animals.

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Good for the planet, starting with daily cleaning

CLEARALIF is committed to sustainable development, and we aspire to give everyone a voice and a sense of belonging. We believe that together, we can make the world a better place.


Our products are always free of harmful chemicals and pollutants.


We aim to reduce plastic products and unnecessary waste.


Our products do not contain water, reducing carbon emissions during transportation.

Our Values

Our small team is wholeheartedly committed to providing you with the best experience and making better choices for our planet. These are our promises to you.

Commitment to sustainability

We support all actions and innovations that contribute to sustainable development.

 clearalif laundry detergent sheets values

Supporting Diversity

We believe that everyone has the right to choose, and we create products that are sustainable and meet the diverse needs of people

 clearalif laundry detergent sheets values

Authenticity and Inclusion

We are committed to nurturing our relationship with our community based on mutual trust and respect, and we value each and every user who loves the planet.

 clearalif laundry detergent sheets values

We lead with simplicity and transparency

We never compromise quality to cut costs, deceive the environment for profit, and maintain transparency in our production and ingredients.

Small actions can bring about big changes

We believe in the power of small efforts to make a difference. We strive to do the right thing, but we are not perfect. We work hard to make things better and make the Earth a better place through our collective efforts.

 clearalif laundry detergent sheets values

Adhere to quality and continuous innovation

We always adhere to developing high-quality products and focus on their safety and environmental performance. At the same time, we actively participate in public welfare activities and give back to our community by promoting environmental sustainability.

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