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Laundry Hacks That Actually Work

Laundry Hacks That Actually Work - CLEARALIF

11 Laundry Hacks That Wonderfully Work for Your Next Load

While laundry is inevitable, learning some kind of easy and practical laundry hacks to make your wash day much easier is very necessary.

However, when the internet has fed you with lots of laundry hacks and tips all promising to save your time and energy, many of them don't actually work.

Here are 11 of the most simple, time-saving, clever ways that really work to save your time and get your laundry done better and faster.

Let's jump right in!


1. Use a Mesh Bag to Organize Small Items

To keep your socks in the washer and come out from the dryer paired up can really help save your time and energy when hanging or holding your laundry. This also works for any small items of your clothes.

Mesh laundry bags are of great help to keep those small items in confirmed pairs and you know you don't need to check the filter again.

Just simply load the bag, toss it in your washer and then straight into the dryer. No more single pair.


2. Use Laundry Detergent Sheets

laundry detergent sheets

Let those pieces of cleaning sheets revolutionize the way you do the laundry and help you free of accumulated plastic detergent jugs in your either tiny or large enough laundry room.

Laundry detergent sheets are the best alternative ever to traditional detergents.

By tossing a few sheets on top of your clothes and then starting your usual wash cycle, there're no more slimy and messy caps and bulky plastic jugs piling up.

And sometimes when machine wash isn't the best choice for you, these sheets can also work well in your small load handwashing.


3. Don't Use Fabric Softener on Your Towels

Fabric softener helps keep your clothes soft, fresh-smelling and static-free as well as help your clothes remain in shape.

But when it comes to washing towels, it makes them less absorbent and gets your towels unclean. 

If you're inclined toward a long-lasting fragrance, get an in-wash scent booster or choose a multi-functional detergent to be of help.


4. Dampen a Towel to Remove Wrinkles

What do you do to get the clothes free of wrinkles without ironing?

Some people may choose wrinkle-removing sprays to get their clothing tidy and smooth. But you'd better use them on your cotton clothes which are less likely to create water spots.

Besides, adding a handful of ice cubes into your dryer together with your wrinkled laundry might work as well but it's possible to make so much noise and destroy your dryer.

Simply lay the towel on top of your clothes in the dryer will do the same thing and this tip really works to release the wrinkles of your clothing.


5. Drop Dry Towels to Dry Clothes Faster

A lot of people agree to put garments in salad spinners to remove excess moisture dripping all over the floor, which is a bit rough on the garment. A dry towel can do the same thing however.

There are 2 super practical hacks to use a towel for quicker drying.

Get yourself a large bath towel, lay it flat, put the clothes in the middle, roll it up like a burrito, and then straight into the dryer. 

Or you just simply add a couple of dry towels to shorten the time a load of clothes takes to dry in the dryer and it'll come out much drier. This is not only to save your time but save energy for the machine.


6. Organize Your Laundry Room with Baskets

Use a laundry basket dresser to organize your laundry room. 

It's perfect for saving much space, folding your clothes and putting them back where belong.

You fill each layer with one type of clothes or sort the clothing by the way you want, then toss them in the washer separately, and you have the clean clothes already sorted.

The downside of this storage organizer is a bit overpriced but it looks more flexible and decorative than those soft laundry baskets.


7. Prevent Color Runs

Sorting the clothes by colors really takes time and you don't have to do it all the time.

Try these amazing 3-in-1 laundry sheets for preventing your colors from running together.

Simply drop one sheet or a few of them into your washer according to the load size without adding another laundry booster. You can actually see the color it absorbs when the wash cycle is done. 


8. Fold Clothing Easily and Quickly

Folding clothes is a drag.

These laundry tips have told you the best hack to fold your clothes in just a few seconds. So impressed and useful!


9. Wash Towels, Sheets, and Underwear at High Temperature

By washing your towels, bed sheets and underwear with high temperatures, you get them cleaner and fresher.

Plus the hot temperatures help keep the machine healthy because it takes lots of gunk from the drain pipes on the way out.


10. Wash and Dry Your Fabrics at Low Temperature

Not all clothes are suitable for the high-temperature washing cycle. Many of your fabrics are more likely to shrink when exposed to hot water or high dryer program. 

Washing your delicate fabrics, such as cotton shirts, jeans, woolen sweaters in cold water to prevent shrinkage. While drying, run a low-heat or air-dry program. 

Besides, a mesh laundry bag mentioned previously can be added for protection both in your washing and drying cycles.


11. Clean Your Machine Regularly

Every time the washer is doing the laundry, it is gathering mixed dirty stuff inside the drum. So It matters to clean your washing machine every couple of months to ensure hygiene.

It would be better to let the washer run 4 times a year if it has a self-cleaning mode. Or if it doesn't, try to use a high-temperature program, add a machine cleaner and then let it run empty.

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